Alpin-Special treatments

Healthy mind in a healthy body

The concept of the Naturhotel Moosmair is based upon the traditional knowledge in the alpine region, which we assembled, as well as upon our own experiences with the herbal and natural forces. Here, we follow the old Bethen theory, which has been existing in the alpine region since ancient times. Not for nothing, a proverb says: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. So, health depends on a healthy balance with the environment. Sometimes, however, the elemental forces reach their limit and it then takes some time to put the thoughts in order again and be courageous to find new ways. The Alpin-Special treatments with their holistic approaches help to find again the ground under one’s feet, to open up one’s eyes for the essential and to lead the mind into new tracks. Coupled with the intense Alpin-Special treatments, we invite you to special powerful places, in order to lead body, mind and soul in the right direction. The treatments can be booked individually; nonetheless, we recommend you all three treatments to enforce the effects in an optimal way. The Ogham jewellery line matching with the Alpin-Special treatments are available in the Arcana shop.

Borbeth‘s Primal Stone Ritual
The ancient mountain mother

The supporting earth power by Borbeth are incorporated in a special natural ritual of the silver quartzite primal stone massage.

Spinning threads by Wilbeth
The soul guardian

The selection of the spinning threads is a mirror of your soul. With your help, you get to know your “now” state, which refers to the deepest basic instinct of each person.

Iris Sounds by Ambeth
The red life force

Supported by the vibrating Iris sounds, fresh energies are set free in the body and engage in the rise of resonance in the single cells.