Massages & Hay Baths

Pure well-being for body & soul
Classic massages

Massages do not only loosen muscle tensions, they also increase the blood supply of the skin and improve the body’s supply with crucial oxygen. Besides this, they contribute significantly to the general well-being of body and soul. Have a try yourselves!

Partial massage back

In an instant, the tensions and blockades in the back region are loosed with pleasant pressure.

25 minutes
Full-body massage

Soft touches from head to foot have a balancing and relaxing effect.

50 minutes
Muscular relaxation massage

A good deed for tired, stressed muscles.

50 minutes
Hay Baths

Hay baths are an ancient healing method of mountain farmers based on a deeply ingrained tradition, dating back to 140 years ago. Up to 50 different medicinal herbs penetrate your body over the skin pores and clean, detoxify and strengthen the immune system. Especially after a hiking tour or a day skiing, hay baths have a miraculous effect. Ideal in case of arthritis, sciatica, rheumatic complaints, sleeping disorders and physiological or physical exhaustion.

Hay bath classic

Classic hay bath without herbal wraps

25 minutes
Hay bath Luna

Strengthens and relaxes the lungs, bronchial tubes, and colon and detoxifies the renal and blabber area.

30 minutes
Hay bath Sol

Strengthens and relaxes the cardiovascular system and detoxifies the liver and gall area.

30 minutes