Your nature hotel near Campo Tures

What is obvious is what is special

Can chairs tell stories? They can. All you need to do is listen. Does philosophy need to be obtrusive? No it doesn't. If it is simple. And understandable. Obviously. The Moosmairhof is an ancient farm dating back to the 15th century. The farm has always been located at the southern slope of the Aurina Valley, a very special place in the valley. This is an energising spot of nature, which provides visitors with pure life energy. Hence, despite all the changes during time, the Naturhotel Moosmair is still a house that can be understood. It still offers the cosiness of a farm and the close contact with nature. The best of all things are available right at the doorstep. Wood for the floors, hay for your wellbeing, wild herbs for soup or medicine, and a hiking path leading directly to the heart. Nature and everything connected to nature provides the philosophy of our house. Hearing, feeling, smelling, understanding. An atmosphere which almost creates itself. Heartiness coming from within. An aroma of wellbeing without flavour enhancers. A glance to the inside and a step up. This is how simple it can be.

Naturhotel Moosmair
Grown, not become


The farm has been in the possession of our family for six generations. First, it was a farm, then a guesthouse, and now it is a hotel. Our family roots are strongly connected to this region and characterised by century-old traditions, a down-to-earth approach and the origins of our homeland, yet we are open to new things.