Typology in the Alpine Region

Strengthen the life force

Astrid Schönweger and her husband psychologist Dr. Ulrich Gutweniger have written down the typology in the alpine region in their book “Die Vintschger Typenlehre“ (the typology in Vinschgau). This knowledge was conveyed by the grandmother from Vinschgau, who was had gotten to know it orally by her grandmother, too. The special nature of this typology is, that it is not calculated on the basis of birthdates and other mathematical calculations. It is instantaneously experienced on all perception levels and offers a deep insight in the individual nature. As well, is has origins in the alpine region and it is probable that our ancestors made use of it before it has generally fallen into oblivion. Human beings are determined by four life forces, which are named after celestial objects and constellations: Full Moon, New Moon, Sun, Solar Eclipse. With one of this life forces, we are born and it then influences the intensity of the various feelings, the physical condition, the relationship characteristics, the thinking and the attitude towards life. Is this life force suppressed from the outside or from the inside, we are no more balanced and feel uncomfortable or sick.

What type are you?
Four life forces and primal types

Inspired by the observation skills by the grandmother from Vinschagu, I would like to invite you to answer seven questions, in order to get to know your “primal type”. By means of the evaluation of these questions, we can recommend you our wellness offer elaborated for this purpose, so that the single type comes into its power. This typology conveys the ability to recognise the own nature, to reinforce the strengths and work on the weaknesses in order to transform them into strengths. Enjoy to get to know yourselves better!

Carrying the sun in your hearts

The type of the Sun implies that he “carries the sun in his heart” and that he gets conscious of his optimistic, open-minded and inspiring nature.

Solar Eclipse
Discover power and versatility

The type Solar Eclipse gives high importance to discover the versatility, which is present in his personality, and to bring it to flower.

Full Moon
Letting the full moon rise

In order to unlock the energy of full moon, it is necessary to refine the own strengths and to convert the weaknesses into strengths.

New Moon
Promoting strength, clearness & power

As it is the case with the other types it is significant for this type to gain his powers. But how can the new moon be risen?