Village Inn Moosmair

Authentic restaurant

Two men with traditional felt hats and beard are sitting at the bar. They heatedly debate on, reconcile and empty their glasses, before beginning the same discussion again. Behind them, the card players stridently playing their most favourite game. At the next table, a young couple sits down, examines the menu and the likable chaos in the village inn. He then orders a typical “Brettljause” with speck and mountain cheese, whereas she orders the tasty dumplings with coleslaw. And as always, without taking a glance at all this, the traditional lady on another table reads her newspaper. The Village Inn Moosmair offers an exciting – and convivial – atmosphere. This has continued also after the renovation. Our village inn is also loved by hikers, who reward themselves with an apple strudel on our sunny terrace after extensive hikes. Besides the homemade cakes, the small inn menu offers traditional South Tyrolean dishes, which you can always enjoy in a pleasant atmosphere. Who comes alone, as well, and does not want to eat alone, simply sits down at our friendship table.

Friendship table
Take a seat

You do not like eating on your own? Or you do not like sitting on your own in our bar? No problem! Simply sit down at our "friendship table". Mountaineers and personalities, philosophers and South Tyrolean freedom fighters, unconventional thinkers and fruitcakes, farmers and business men, tourists and locals – everybody can sit down at this table, eat together, discuss with each other or find new friends.

The value of a meal lies in the social event.
N. Apostolopoulos
Our offers
for your gourmet holidays in Acereto
Snowy weeks 6=7 without ski pass
7 Overnight stay with Half board
Snowy weeks 6=7 with ski pass
7 Overnight stay with Half board
Powder snow & mountain breeze incl. skipass
7 Overnight stay with Half board
Skipass for free
4 Overnight stay with Half board
Snowy time-out
3 Overnight stay with Half board