A well-feeling ambiance

The good that lies so near

Whether you choose Grandpa's Stube or Grandma's Room, whether you choose a Family Suite or the unmistakable Starry Sky… in the Guesthouse and Nature Hotel Moosmair you will always lie well. Because we offer a very special ambiance: an ambiance to feel well in. When designing the rooms we place special focus on the well-being effect. The materials originate from the surrounding nature: the wood for the attic was chopped according to an old rule of thumb on December 21st in our own forest. Domestic larch has a radiation-repellent and anti-depressing effect, pinewood does not only smell nice, but also relieves the heart and improves concentration. We are proud to have preserved the old tradition of the farm during reconstruction - original ceilings and furniture have not been eliminated, but preserved and integrated into the new building. Grandpa's Room, Grandma's Room and the old wood-panelled "Stube" room provide proof of the farm's history. The scent of wood can be smelled throughout the house. Sometimes you even get the smell of the smoking procedure when we walk through the house with wild herbs in order to fill the walls with new energy. Colours are of course another element: green has a calming effect, orange and yellow have a revitalising effect, and fire is red. There is neither too little nor too much. There is no distraction. The clue is to focus on the basics. Memories and emotions are brought back to life; the sight for the basics is opened up. Hotel Moosmair, where nature penetrates the house - tradition and modern amenities are combined – all senses are addressed – emotions are triggered!

Hay Bed
A night under an open starry sky


Have you ever dreamt of sleeping healthy in scenting alpine hay? Maybe even in the clear mountain air under an open starry sky? The hay bed contains 50 different domestic medicinal herbs, which will be prepared by the "herbal witch" on the balcony or in your room. The ethereal oils are released by the body heat and then absorbed by the skin and transferred to the blood circulation. The fresh mountain air with a high oxygen content will make sure you have a wonderful sleep.

Hay bed from the end of July to the end of August

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for your gourmet holidays in Acereto
Snowy weeks 6=7 without ski pass
7 Overnight stay with Half board
Snowy weeks 6=7 with ski pass
7 Overnight stay with Half board
Powder snow & mountain breeze incl. skipass
7 Overnight stay with Half board
Skipass for free
4 Overnight stay with Half board
Snowy time-out
3 Overnight stay with Half board