Hiking with Hans Kammerlander

On the go with a big player

What does an extreme mountaineer, when he does not climb right at the moment? Well, Hans Kammerlander, born, grown up and still resident in Acereto, above Campo Tures, has seen many of the world’s peaks. He participated in forty expeditions, has climbed twelve of the fourteen 8000 m peaks and the Seven Second Summits as the first, the second highest peaks of all continents, as the highest ones seemed to overrun to him. He completed more than 2,500 climbing tours, 60 first solo ascents in the sixth degree and 50 first climbs in important walls. So, what does a vacationer in a small rocky province, where Hans Kammerlander is still one of the most famous personalities? Of course, he goes hiking, climbing, across pasture, towards peaks and to impressively located huts. He relaxes near mountain lakes and vivid rivers. The Aurina Valley is one of the most beautiful hiking areas in South Tyrol.

Extreme mountaineer Kammerlander
At home in the world's mountains