Paragliding & Hang-gliding

Flying and making the wind your friend

Sometimes it is good to change the perspective. You can do so by hang-gliding or by paragliding. Observe the world from above and enjoy the view of numerous mountain peaks, forests and lakes. Houses, people and the everyday matters seem so small and unimportant when seen from above. Excellent starting and landing places, normally excellent thermal lift and of course the unique mountain scenery contribute to make the Aurina Valley an ideal terrain for paragliders. One of the most famous starting places is located right next to our Hotel Moosmair, on the sunny slope of Großer Moosstock peak between Acereto and Pojen. It is easily accessible by car and allows, despite the relatively low starting height of 1,400 metres, making also long and high flights. The landing in the large valley of Campo Tures is no obstacle as well. Professional flight schools and experienced tandem pilots let you experience the Aurina Valley from above. Enjoy the flight!

If one does not dream of flying, one does not grow wings.
R. Lerch