Sauna & Kneipp

Wellness for body and skin

Regular sauna sessions are an ideal possibility to play a trick on the cold season. They strengthen your immune system, train your cardiovascular system and are good for your skin as well. True fans, enjoy this pleasure all year round.

Loghouse sauna

The liveliness of old, cracking beams dating back to 1855 can still be felt in the ancient granary. Spicy steams and 90 degrees of heat relax the body and free the soul.

Herbal sauna

The gentle heat and 60 degrees humidity make sure the pores open up and let the aromas of medicinal herbs deeply penetrate the skin. Enjoy the comfortable feeling of the skin and the splendid view of the mountain scenery of the Vedrette di Ries and the Dolomites from the relaxation room afterwards.


Our source water originates from the Durra Mountain Group at 3,000 metres of altitude. In the Kneipp basin this water activates circulation, stimulates the blood supply and the self-healing powers. The arm pour rouses the animal spirits and the beauty pour provides your face with a rosy colour and prevents wrinkles.

Light and colours

Light and colours provide the nutrition for our senses and our soul. And where could this energy source be felt more than on our sun terrace, at a southern slope high above the Aurina Valley. With up to 12 hours of sun per day no other place in the entire valley is spoiled by sun as much as we are.