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Excursion tips and attraction in the Pusteria valley
near Campo Tures
he natural spectacles of the waterfalls provides evidence of the abundance in water in the Aurina Valley.
Gallery for Asthmatics
Gallery for Asthmatics
in Predoi
The Gallery for Asthmatics in Predoi with its motto "I breathe": you can enter the Predoi Mine and the gallery for asthmatics with the mine railway. Here you will find ideal air-quality conditions highly recommended for those suffering from allergies.
Mining Museum
Mining Museum
in the granary
Experience the history of ore mining and the hard work of miners in the granary in Cadipietra.
Culture educates. opens up. impresses.
Excursion destinations in the environs
Holidays equal time to get spoiled from a culinary and physical point of view: at Hotel Moosmair we follow this believe and realise it with exquisite cuisine and an alpine wellness offer. Holidays also mean time for culture and education. And the Aurina Valley, the Pusteria valley and the entire South Tyrol have plenty of cultural and educational offers.
Nature Park
Nature Park
Vedrette di Ries-Aurina
Mountains, meadows, forests, trees and stones. Discover the nature idyll in the Aurina Valley. "Being amazed as a means of understanding" is the motto in the Nature Park House: an impressive stage setting for the limits of nature and the limits of humans. An adventure for the whole family!
Tures Castle
Tures Castle
Open for visitors
Tures Castle is one of the most imposing, largest and most beautiful castles in South Tyrol. Before the 13th century, this was the residence of the Masters of Tures, free noble people and one of the most respected dynasties in Tyrol, which became extinct in 1340. Afterwards, the castle changed owners several times and finally decayed. Today, the castle is in the possession of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute and open to the public.
Brunico city & castle
with Messner Mountain Museum
Brunico is the economic centre of the Pusteria valley. Town on the one hand, a charming village with picturesque lanes on the other. Just above the town you will find Brunico Castle and the fifth museum by Reinhold Messner – the MMM – Messner Mountain Museum RIPA.
Predoi mine
Fascinating mining
On the knaves' traces
The S. Ignaz gallery of the Predoi copper mine is accessible to visitors. After entering with the mine train, an exciting circular route gives you an insight in the significant mining history in the Aurina valley.
Francis path near Campo Tures
Path of Reflexion to the Sun Song
The Saint Francis path of reflexion leads from Bad Winkel near Campo Tures to the Francis and Clara chapel. You come along ten reflexion points and as well along the Riva waterfalls.