Health, regionalism & sustainability

The best right on the doorstep

Refreshing mint, aromatic rosemary and many other herbs are growing in our garden. Be it the strawberries and apricots for our homemade jams, the hay for our hay baths from our Moosmair pasture or the flour from our in-house grain mill: In our Naturhotel, many things are homemade, home-baked or self-picked, as fresh products contain more healthy nutrients and are tastier. What we cannot cultivate or produce by ourselves comes from the immediate environs of our hotel. As it is the case with our cuisine, we have also given high importance to sustainable materials and local natural products when renovating the Naturhotel. For instance, you can find wooden furniture and wooden floors in each room and our allergy-free rooms have beneficial effects for environmentally sensitive persons.

The best offered by nature
to enjoy also at home
From delicious jams to dried herbs, to syrups, creams and soothing herbal spirits: Homemade natural products to take home are available in our Arcana Shop right next to the reception.