Herbal Restaurant Arcana in the Aurina Valley

A firework for the palate

"All the fields and meadows, all the mountains and hills – these are your pharmacy" as said by nature physician Paracelsus when he started to extract the "arcanum", the essence of plants and wild herbs. He followed the fundamental conviction that humans and nature make up a cosmic unit and that a feeling of harmony can only be achieved by getting involved in this interaction. The language of nature is mainly seen in wild herbs: They particularly affect our soul strongly due to their fine antennas. Their scent, their taste and their effects can be understood as messages which remind us of the origin of all being. We strive to translate these messages into delicious culinary pleasures. Herbs therefore play the leading part in our Herbal Restaurant Arcana. The herbs are responsible for the special culinary pleasure and provide each dish with the decisive taste and the required nuance. Only high-quality food from the surrounding regions finds its way into our cooking pots. We collect the wild herbs in the surrounding nature, meat and vegetables originate from our own farm or from neighbouring farms. Exactly these fresh ingredients, and the tasty dishes we prepare with them, are good for your body and soul: You are what you eat!

Taking a seat and feel well
What is behind the Arcana?

Arcanum means “extract” and it communicates a message, which every herb would like to tell us. Herbs are soul plants and we would like to touch the people’s souls with our dishes.

Herbal expert Annares Ebenkofler

Table reservation
at the Herbal Restaurant Arcana

Opening ours kitchen: 12.00-14.00 and 18.30-21.00
Day of rest: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday - reservation by phone under +39 0474 678 046 or via e-mail to info@moosmair.it (reservation confirmation by e-mail required)

Moosmair Herb Tips

Nature gives us good things. We just have to see and appreciate them. Nearly all plants can be used for teas, tinctures, creams or for various treatments.

Elegant wines from the wine cellar

The Naturhotel Moosmair and the Herbal Restaurant Arcana dispose of a well-selected wine cellar with over 200 labels of regional, national and international wineries.

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